What are the 4 Most Important Elements of Customer Service?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you seem clueless about resolving an issue with your most recent purchase? Obviously, the very first thing anyone does, and that includes us, is to do a quick Google search to find any solution.

It only gets worse when even a Google search can’t help you. And, this is where you finally turn to the customer service of the particular company you purchased the product from. In other words, although customer service is not everyone’s first option, it definitely is the only option when nothing else works.

Take Xfinity for instance. Xfinity Customer Support is available 24/7 because Xfinity values its customers and understands how nerve-racking it can get when you can’t connect to the internet. If you are a business owner, no matter how big or small, you should consider implying a 24/7 customer service helpline.

We all know patience and empathy are perhaps the most important elements of customer service. But is that all? What other element of customer service should you implement within your business?

In this article, we will be sharing the four most important elements of customer service. This should help you establish a better and more effective customer service strategy when dealing with customers.

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Respect is the highest and most important element of a customer service department. It’s essential for employees to understand that the salaries they receive are through servicing customers, which also allows businesses to make revenue.

That is why, as a customer service rep, it is your responsibility to make your customers feel appreciated, valued, and important. Stop treating your customers as mere business transactions, but as individuals who want to continue doing business with you.

When your customer is unhappy or upset, you should know how to not just apologize, but make the entire situation easy for them. Although the customer is sometimes wrong, the customer has to win in the end if you want them to continue doing business with your company.

Therefore, take a breather when you have to deal with tough customers and learn to respect them in all kinds of situations.

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Patience and Empathy

Patience and empathy are the second and third most important elements of customer service. In fact, they go side-by-side, which is why we have put them together. Let’s face it. No matter how advanced technology gets, there will still be people who would rather have a human explain things to them than have to rely on a machine.

You might think that the specific problem could have been solved with a simple Google search, but it’s not your place to decide how a customer wants to resolve an issue. The customer service department will always be the one place for customers to rely on when they are left clueless. In other words, it’s important to show empathy alongside practicing patience.

Even if some problems are recurring and basic from your point of view, you need to maintain your level of patience, because you protect your company and its values. Every day is a new day for customer service reps, and you might have to show patience with people who are going to get on your nerves.

Therefore, it is important that you listen and try to understand where the customer is coming from so that there is no form of miscommunication or misunderstanding, in the pursuit of building a successful and long-lasting business.


Responsiveness is the fourth most, and last important element of customer service. So, you have shown respect, patience, and empathy to your customers. What should you be doing next in order to maintain this level of satisfaction with your customer?

Well, to stay responsive. Each time you respond to your customer’s issues in the shortest possible time, it only goes to show that you are not only trying to understand your customer, but prioritizing them as well.

A customer service department that has a quick response time, will only bring more business to the company because your customers will trust that you have them on your list of priorities. Although it’s unrealistic to always have a quick response time, you should still ensure that you are not taking too long.

As long as you are aiming to resolve your customer’s complaints in an efficient manner, you are doing good both to the business and the customer.

All in All

Well, it was not that hard was it?

Customer service is not complex, in fact, if you ensure to repair each other, practice patience, show empathy, and respond in a timely manner, we don’t see why your business won’t succeed.

Customer service is important and the one thing that will grow your business in the long term. We have shared the four most important elements of customer service that you should implement within your business.

Good luck!

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